Sound engineer

At Kilohertz studio, Nicolas Risser is the sound engineer.


Nicolas Risser - KILOHERTZ Mastering StudioFond of electronic musics, Nicolas got his first synthesizer in 1993. He composed and produced an album two years later... After his college degree, he worked as sound engineer for many production companies. While pursuing his work of composition and production, his technical expertise allowed him to master CDs and vinyl records. To face the requests of many professionals, Nicolas launched the Kilohertz project in 2008 and created his up-market studio. But technology is not everything. The excellence of mastering also needs the precision of the setting.

In search of the ideal sound, Nicolas Risser puts his ear, his mastery and his 25 years of experience at the service of your music for an optimal calibration. He is the technical manager of the audio mastering department of the company Pixea Studio which now provides the Kilohertz service.

Main collaborations:

Music producers and editors

Universal Music France, Polydor, Barclay Records, Warner Music France, Parlophone, East West, Wagram Music, 3ème Bureau, Sony Music France, Un Plan Simple, N.E.W.S. Records, Lektroluv, Wooha!, Midnight Munchies, Savoir Faire, Mental Groove Records, Buffalo Beats, Kitsuné, Go 4 Music, Pixadelic, Embassy One, Big Top Amsterdam, Moonbootique, Katermukke, Formatik, Bad Life, Badd Records, Maison Records, Fogbank Recordings, Delicious Gutter, Rise Recordings, Southern Fried Records, Brooklyn Fire, Friendship Recordings, Onelove Recordings, Urgence Disk Records, Police Records, Crux Records, Boxon Records...


Audiovisual producers and broadcasters

Arte TV, Radio FG, European Parliament, Council of Europe, Institut National de l'Audiovisuel, Digital Postproduction, Auvitec, Via Storia, Boulevard des Productions...