Since 2008, Kilohertz in Strasbourg (Alsace / France) is specialized in online audio mastering for CDs, vinyl records and all digital audio file formats.

Initially the term "pre-mastering" referred to the final treatment of an audio signal, its editing and its recording on a transport medium. The term "mastering" referred to the creation of the lacquer (for vinyl) or glass master (for CD). But today the term "mastering" is used to describe the processing of an audio signal and its recording in a file format which does not require a pressing plant for its duplication.


By offering mastering, Kilohertz is at the last stage of the production process, after the mixing, and just before the marketing of the music by broadcasting on internet and/or physical duplication. This operation of finalization is crucial and it requires the biggest care. The process consists mainly in equalizing the frequencies between low, medium and high frequencies, in adjusting the stereophonic space, and in handling the dynamics for an optimal amplitude and an adequate sound volume. It is also necessary to ensure the good coherence of all the tracks. Mastering is a discipline which requires technical skills (audio process, specificities of media, broadcasting standards...), but also artistic (sensitivity, habits according to the musical styles, new trends...). For all those reasons, Kilohertz propose you a well-kept home-made work in a high quality studio.

We try to supply you with an optimal sound result by putting forward the musicality and the emotion which are present in your work. As many professionals in France and in the world, take advantage of our know-how and our experience for a sublimated broadcasting of your music on radio, on TV, in club, on Internet... Contact Kilohertz to bring up your productions to the top of international hits. We propose our services by a reactive and qualitative online post-production solution.